Bits: Daily Report: Elon Musk’s Unlikely Bond With Donald Trump

It’s O.K. to feel a little confused about the direction the new administration in Washington is taking. And that is before you consider the case of Elon Musk and Tesla.

As James Stewart writes, Mr. Musk, a brainy South African immigrant who has criticized Donald Trump and built Tesla Motors and SolarCity — which benefit from government subsidies — might seem the wrong fit in Washington these days.

And yet shares of the carmaker Tesla, which has absorbed solar power company SolarCity, are going up. Analysts are even raising their estimates of how high they could go.

Moreover, Mr. Musk has been a guest at two meetings of business leaders with Mr. Trump. What gives?

Maybe these strange bedfellows aren’t so strange.

Primarily, Tesla is both futuristic in its technology and…

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