A Mets Outfielder Waits, and Waits, to Show What He Can Do

Even now, with Bruce’s departure, there would seem to be four outfielders ahead of Nimmo on the Mets’ depth chart: Yoenis Cespedes; Michael Conforto; Juan Lagares, who is now returning after missing nearly two months with a broken thumb; and Curtis Granderson, who is 36 and in the final season of a four-year, $60 million deal and is a near certainty not to be back in Queens in 2018.

The Mets may be hoping to trade Granderson, which would surely open up more room for Nimmo to get a sustained audition, but that has not happened yet, and every day that Granderson plays is one Nimmo that does not.

Nimmo, right, with Curtis Granderson, one of the veteran outfielders whose continued place in the lineup keeps Nimmo, 24, out of it.

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